Dear, Family, Friends, and lovers:
Have you ever felt love for someone who did not share the feeling? Have you been wrapped ever so softly, and gently placed into the friend zone? Have you hoarded secret affections in the bottom of your belly, and rehearsed and rehearsed waiting for the courage to release them? What if you had this person right in front of you, and you can declare your love without any fear of rejection, or judgment... What would you say? Or do you have a message to someone you love and you want to declare your love for them just for the reason of sharing love? Well our next project is for you. We will be compiling you audio declarations composing music to them, and playing them on the streets. - Think of the person you want to declare your love for, imagine them right in front of you, remember their smell, the sound of their voice, and all the things you love that make them who they are -
Next press record, state their name and pour your heart out.
Note: you will be anonymous in this project. I will only be using the audio sample, all I ask if for untamed unfiltered unhinged honest.


By clicking record I give Panther Heart permission.*
*I hereby grant to Panther Heart right record my voice and use in performances for the purpose of the project entitled “Panther Heart and solemn stories of unrequited love.” I hereby grant to the artist and his or her successors, assigns and licensees the perpetual right to use, as the artist may desire, sound track recordings and records which the artist may make of me or of my voice, and the right to use my voice in connection with the exhibition, advertising and/or publicizing of the project. I further grant the right to reproduce in any manner whatsoever any recordings including all instrumental, musical, or other sound effects produced by me, in connection with the production and/or postproduction of this project.