Panther Heart is a multimedia project that combines music, video and sculptural elements in order to create a fully immersive experience of sight and sound through experiential performances. The work we generate is conceptual, and explores different elements of social, personal and spiritual existence.


bio pic christopherChristopher Lyles
(Harp, Piano Arrangements)

Born 1983 in Bellflower, California. He moved around a lot during his early life. Then went to college in Long Beach, California. A friend showed him a documentary, featuring experimental harpist Zeena Parkens, “ I was so enthralled by her. It wasn’t her harp playing perse but the way she approached it. At that point i heard harp music before but she made that instrument her own.” . A few years later he bought a small, harp and began to write. Panther Heart began in 2007 as a solo experimental music project, with Christopher Lyles on harp and accordion. As time passed and meeting people in the local music community. Panther Heart naturally grew. In 2010 he started Panther Heart Defeats the Dire wolf, with a 9 piece ensemble. For 3 beautiful years we collaborated and worked together to bring the story of “the Dire Wolf” to life. Time passed and creative differences brewed and the group disassembled in 2012 . Currently Panther is taking a break from “ The Dire Wolf project” and is currently working on a new project. “ Panther Heart and the undenying connectedness of ALL beings”. This project is an exploration of human relationship and interpersonal connections.

Photo by Sumner LeVeque