• Panther Heart Defeats the Dire Wolf PART I

    "Panther Heart Defeats the Dire Wolf I-VI" is an allegory about the cyclical nature of hate and how the power of love can overcome hate but not without sacrifice. The story is set in a Canadian forest. A man is traveling through the woods and he travels far out of bounds, stumbling upon the territory of a nearby tribe. The men in the tribe see the stranger and attack him, leaving him to drown in the river. This heinous act causes his tortured spirit to be trapped in the river. Years pass by and a wolf wolf comes to drink from the same river, the spirit of the man possesses the wolf and the animal becomes a tool for the spirit's revenge.

    Members include: Pam Serna (Piano, Melodica, Vocals), Teri Gartner (Glockenspiel, Vocals), Lisa Narinian (Charango, Glockenspiel, Vocals), Patrick Whatley (Guitar, Vocals), Christopher Lyles (Harp, Piano, Vocals), Jose Serna (Guitar, Vocals), Ryan Serrano (Drums, Vocals), Jason Cordero (Bass, Vocals), Guillermo Luna (Cello, Vocals)

    (2011- present)