Good News

Photo by Sumner LeVeque

I’ve been collaborating with my friend, Joel Jasper. It’s very fresh and I’m excited to see whats to come.

Six years and counting…

Photo by Sumner LeVeque

It has been over six years now. Panther Heart has undergone many transformations and many incarnations. To celebrate this spring. I’m going to have a few shows  in the LA area and debut my latest project Panther Heart and the undenying connectedness of ALL beings. I hope you can make it to one of the shows  and celebrate what is to come for Panther Heart. I am grateful for your support throughout the years. Please stop by the updated website  I am ever so grateful to Ana Belén Salatino from dream inspired by desgn for helping me with the website

Our new project!

Panther Heart and the Undenying Connectedness of All Beings

Panther Heart is a multimedia project that combines music, video and sculptural elements in order to create experiential performances. The work we generate is conceptual, exploring different elements of social, personal and spiritual existence.

The undenying connectedness of all beings project is meant to explore the nature of the relationships “couples” share. The word undenying itself represents the concept. It is not formally incorporated in common parlance, i.e. it is not considered a “real” word. However, we can infer what the word means based on its combined parts: un-deny-ing. We are observing something we believe most people understand, but that language lacks a way to articulate. It is an ongoing phenomenon that will continue despite our understanding of it. While we may not fully grasp the concept, we cannot fully deny that it exists either.

Different types of couples (such as friends, acquaintances, or romantic partners) are invited to participate. Each person will first be interviewed briefly about the nature of their relationship with the person they are with. Next, each couple will use paint, food coloring, glitter, and confetti to express their personal relationship with each other. Because there will be no verbal forms of expression, they will have to rely on the imaginative uses of accessories provided. The film explores interpersonal relationships through both verbal and nonverbal communication.

We will review the videos and create a score to express sonically what was said and not said. We want to convey the nuances between the two people, and the broader concepts they bring up that many people relate to. Over the next 5 months we will compose music and edited video to be performed at various venues in southern California.

The Re-Reincarnation

Pam and Jose (357 of 383).jpg

For many different reasons, Panther Heart is dismantling its roster and starting anew.

It has been an amazing 2 and half year working together to bring the Dire Wolf story to life, during which time we’ve watched each other grow as people and as musicians.

Its not going to be the same but we must keep things moving!